CST-BM2 Planetar Ball Mill

CST-BM2 Planetary Ball Mill Application field: Electronic materials, soil, aerospace materials, batteries, ceramics, biology, geology, minerals, metallurgy Feed sample: soft, hard, brittle, dry or wet Driving type: Gear Working mode: Horizontal grinding Max. feeding: 2/3 of the jar Feed size: Soil≤10mm ,Other≤3mm Final fineness: Minimum to 0.1μm Timing: 1-9999min Electrical certification: UL、CE、ISO9001 Data storage: Text editing, storage/modification/update for different samples and grinding time Variable speed operation: Different speed can be set in different period, and centrifugal acceleration can also be changed Data monitoring: Revolution/rotation, running status, timing state, operation mode, motor power, etc Error alarm: Real-time online monitoring running status, automatic alarm and prompt solutions Control mode: 7" HMI,true color touch-screen input, multiple operating modes can be programmed, 120 groups of programs can be freely set, etc Revolution: 325r/min Rotation: 650r/min Jar matched: 4*100ml ,4*250ml, 4*500ml Jars material: Stainless steel, hard steel, vacuum, agate, ceramic, nylon, polyurethane, PTFE, tungsten carbide, zirconia, etc