Benefits of a Programmable Spin Coater

  • Sunday, 03 January 2021
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Benefits of a Programmable Spin Coater

A programmable spin dryer is the perfect appliance for drying hard floors, laminate and carpeting, or other moist areas. Many homes suffer from problems with dust accumulation and damage due to moisture damage. You can prevent the problem from worsening by investing in a quality programmable spin dryer. If you suffer from allergies, have a low-season home or an area that receives a lot of sunlight, you may find that the purchase of a programmable spin dryer is a wise decision. They are easy to use, can dry a wide variety of surfaces quickly and efficiently, and are safe to use in small and large areas.

A programmable spin coater is designed to distribute heat more evenly throughout your surface, using a rotation that mimics the natural heating process of your hand. Unlike an electric rotary broom, the rotation motion of the programmable spin coater does not cause a shock to sensitive electronics, and they are easy to maintain. Simply remove the cleaning brush from the water, empty the dust into a collection bag, and you are ready to go. There is no need to preheat the brush or clean the collection bag, and the coating of your floor will not fade or change color due to heat exposure.

When selecting a programmable spin coater with your vacuum cleaner, consider both the manufacturer's recommended operating temperature and the actual setting you desire. Some models offer the option of selecting a higher or lower rpm for your cleaning, and both are useful in certain circumstances. In an area with a lot of direct sunlight, a high-speed model may be preferred for its ability to dry faster. For areas with moderate sunlight, selecting a low-speed model will conserve energy and reduce your cost.

Depending on what type of hard floor you are working with, it may be desirable to purchase a programmable spin coated with Teflon coated wheels. High traffic areas that often see a great deal of foot traffic should have a wheel that is coated for added durability and life. If you do not already have a wheel coating on your vacuum chuck, many stores will offer a significant savings on a wheel coating package that includes an assortment of colors and styles. Many manufacturers even offer a wheel coating that matches the original fabric used on the product, so your piece gets latest price protection. In addition, many vacuum shops will provide a full washing and waxing service in order to ensure your pieces get the best care possible.

The most common application for a programmable spin coater is carpet cleaning. A high-speed rotating vacuum chuck is perfect for cleaning tough stains and deeply embedded dirt. A regular vacuuming session would be too rough on this type of material and could possibly rip or tear the carpet fibers. Using a coater with a higher RPM will help move much more dust, and get deeper and more thorough cleaning. This can help you clean your carpets without adding unnecessary wear to the carpet threads, as well. If you have a lot of traffic in a certain area of your carpeted home, using a vacuum with a spin rate that is slower will help cut down on excess dust and stop the carpet from wearing down prematurely.

When looking at all of the benefits offered by this type of automation system, there are a few important considerations to make. To ensure you are getting the absolute best value and the maximum performance from your programmable rotary vacuum, be sure to look for a manufacturer that offers a minimum order quantity. This allows you to get one piece for every application you need it for.

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