Building a Customized Nano Size Planetary Ball Mill

  • Tuesday, 29 December 2020
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Building a Customized Nano Size Planetary Ball Mill

Have you ever considered the possibility of having a customized Nano Size Planetary Ball Mill? I sure have and recently added to my collection. It has been quite a while since I last built or assembled a planetary mount so when I found this one with a really good price and a free CNC router that I could use, I jumped on it. This turned out to be a very good purchase. A lot of the other stuff on ebay does not compare, but at least this has kept my collection updated.

Back before I had started collecting and building my own planets, I would have had to make regular trips to the local hobby shop to pick up materials. Most people would just buy everything in sight that they could find in the store and there would be nothing left over. Now, with the invention of the computer and the internet, I have access to all of this stuff on the worldwide web. All I would have to do is look for parts and build a small colony of earths in my basement.

When I first looked into making a small colony of earths, I did not know if I wanted to build a model that would fit on my desk or my table. I figured that the best way to do this is to get a model kit that had everything cut out to the proper size. There are also ones that come with their own plans and blue prints, which would cut down on my time tremendously. I went back and forth between both options before settling on the plan that would work the best with my limited time and resources.

One of the things that made building my first planetarium so much fun was the fact that I knew that I could do anything that I wanted. I had already decided that my first project would be a flying fish tank and decided that I would make one for my child. Since then, I have always been interested in building and flying various species of creatures. The next step in my plans was to expand my scale of how big I wanted my colony to be, because when you go smaller, you have fewer options when it comes to space and weight limitations. The last thing that I needed was for me to have built my first planetarium on a tiny scale, but I wound up with a five gallon tank instead!

So now, when friends or family ask me about my plans for a personalized nano-sized planetary ball mill, I can tell them that I built it. Instead of running away and hiding somewhere, I would tell them that I made it out of Styrofoam and built it over a year ago in my basement. They would be more than impressed, because it takes a lot more materials and a lot more time to make. Then they would be even more amazed at the fact that I would not even give it away for free, but would instead sell it on e-Bay for thousands of dollars.

Since the ball has such a large surface area, there are a lot of things that you would need to do to make your customized nano sized planetarium a reality. The first would be to make sure that your plants have enough room. You do not want your plants to die, because that would be a waste of money, but you also don't want your plants to look like they are crowded out by the other plants in the aquarium. I also recommend that you have a light system setup, so that the photosynthesis happens properly. Last but not least, you should fill the tank with water, but you do not want to let it get too full, because there will be too much oxygen for your fish to take advantage of.

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