Chinese Medicine Gift Box - Lab - The Perfect Gift For Aching Chinese Medicine Hands

  • Tuesday, 29 December 2020
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Chinese Medicine Gift Box - Lab - The Perfect Gift For Aching Chinese Medicine Hands

"My China glove box - Lab 4000.china glove box - lab 4000 " You've seen these famous phrases on bumper stickers, t-shirts and advertisements. But what is this thing? Is it a stuffed animal with Chinese writing or is it really a secret laboratory of Chinese scientists? Actually, the latter is true. It's an interactive science kit which comes with instructions, explanations and, of course, a pretty good sized stuffed Chinese doll - the lab assistant.

Made by award winning children's entertainer Michael Lau and doctoral candidate Tingting Yan, this interactive toy is a must-have for any Chinese student who wants to get closer to his or her Chinese roots.china glove box - lab 4000 china glove box - lab 4000 The Lab has many interactive features and uses the unique interface provided by the internet - including voice recognition and built-in whiteboard. Users can draw, write, color and manipulate objects using the stylus pen and their finger. They can also interact with the virtual chemistry lab and create their own experiments.

For each of the five elements - water, wood, fire, earth and metal - there is an associated object which reacts in specific ways. These reactions are animated so that they are more entertaining than simply clicking a button. There are also different styles for each element: metal - for cold; wood - for wetness; fire - for heat. The interaction is completed by adding water drops, leaves, dirt and other things that are related to the element onto the appropriate place on the virtual glove.

This award winning toy was inspired by a real problem faced by many Chinese teachers and students. The virtual chemistry lab was developed for use in traditional Chinese medicine and treatment. To give a visual example, if the element metal is heated then a red hand print appears - indicating the positive affect of heat on metal. If the element wood is heated then the pupil becomes white - indicating the negative affect of heat on wood. In this way it is hoped that students will understand the five elements better - and why they are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The box itself is made from strong sturdy materials - to make it as safe as possible for young ones to play with it. Although it is not actually made from these materials, the box looks and feels like these materials. One of the great things about the Box - Lab is that is can be used in conjunction with traditional Chinese medicine. As well as using the electronic sensor to determine what colour is associated with what element - so that you can treat patients correctly.

If you are looking for a great Chinese gift which cannot only be a learning tool but also looks great as a present, then the China Glove Box - Lab is the perfect product. Not only does it look good as a gift, it is also practical. Each piece of the box contains its own tiny magnetic probe - which is used to determine what element is being held magnetic close to it. After this is done, the student is able to treat the patient directly, without having to worry about using messy syringes or even having to worry about needles. In short, this is the ideal toy for the student who wants to learn and teach Chinese medicine.

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