• Dip master -50

Dip master -50

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Programmable microcomputer controlled: immersion speed, submersion period, withdrawal speed

Touch screen interface

Multi-mode dipping

Vibration free immersion and withdrawal

Easy to use, affordable, desk-top

Compact: easily configured with a glove box

Equipped with a magnetic substrate holder

Customized substrate holder for irregular substrates

Least maintenance

10 CE certified


DipMaster 50 Dip Coater is a specially designed tool for performing the feasibility study of research & development in thin films and coatings from the experts in the dip coating technology.


It is compact and light for easy setup in the laboratory: fume hoods, glove boxes, magnetic stirrer, laminar airflow benches, etc. to be convenient to conduct experiment.  

The maintenance-free feature comes from its ruggedness and simple design. The coater can be easily configured into a system to do a single solution coating or multiple solution coatings by the combination of the coater with the solution management modules.

Technical Specification:

Voltage: 110V/8A, 220V/4A

Dimension: 16 cm x 25 cm x 35 cm

Net Weight: 5Kg

Withdrawal Speed: 3mm-300mm/minute

Withdrawal Distance: up to 90mm

Substrate size: up to 50mm X 50

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We buy chemat Dip coater 50 ,this one is compact one to do thin film .It is convenience to operate .