• Dispenser KW-4AD
  • Dispenser KW-4AD

Dispenser KW-4AD

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KW-4AD Dispenser is a compact and easy to use dispenser for precisely dispensing spin on liquid onto the substrate to obtain uniform deposition of thin films and coatings.Its use of syringes allows easy change of dispensing liquids without tedious cleaning,eliminate potential contamination from other solutions.

These features enable the quick formulation and optimization work,thus makes it a powerful tool for your research.In conjunction with KW-4A Spin coater,the system can be used to  deposit varieties of coatings and films.

Technical specifications:

 Air input port:1/4 inch OD tube

Air input:80-100 psi (filtration required)

Dimentions: 4.5 in X 11 in X 6 inch

Key Features:

small convenient desk top size

simple,user friendly design

Adjustable output air pressure

Manual vacuum control for thin fluids

Multi-limited selection


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Dispenser is a compact lab instrument,in conjunction with KW-4A spin coater ,the system can be used to deposite varieties of coatings and films.