• HTT-B VA Series Vacuum  Atmosphere

HTT-B VA Series Vacuum Atmosphere

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Products Introduce:

HTT-B*/* VA vacuum atmosphere furnace is our new product through long research and improvement. Seven inches LCD touch screen, more easy to set the temperature program. It integrate the heating system, mixing gas system, vacuum system, circulating water cooling system, monitoring system. The machine with multi-functions can meet the most requirement of customers.

Main function and features:

1. HTT-B*/* VA with double-shell structure and equipped with air cooling system, ensure the furnace surface have a low temperature, operation more safety.

2. Furnace chamber adopted alumina polycrystalline fibers material, with good insulation properties and more energy saving, Heating elements adopted Silicon molybdenum rod(1700℃) or Silicon carbide rod(1400℃) and depending on the working atmosphere plating different protective coating on the heating element, greatly improved the heating element servicing life.

3. The inner furnace chamber adopts high temperature resistant alloy materials, professional vacuum design, unique sealing technology, ensures no gas leak, vacuum degree more higher than our competitors’ similar products.

4. Reserved two gases inlet interface, can be individually control the gas flow; equipped with mixing gas device, can working with different protective gas, satisfy atmosphere experiment requirements;

5.This machine integrates the internal circulating water cooling system, to avoid the tedious work of external water connect, ensure the furnace surface have a low temperature.

6.Over-temperature alarm and power cut-off automatically, leakage protection, safe and reliable operation.

7.The experimental data can be stored and output; Reserved 485 convert interface, can be connected with PC through software. It can achieve remote control, real time tracking, history recorder, and output report function.


Main applications:

Widely used in universities, research institutions, industrial and mining enterprises to do high temperature sintering atmosphere, atmosphere restoring and vacuum annealing.

Note: According to temperature requirements , furnace size can be customized.

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