• HTT-T Series CVD Tube Furnace

HTT-T Series CVD Tube Furnace

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The HTT-T **/270/12 CVD system consisted by open type tubular furnace, mixing gas system, vacuum and pressure system, etc. Dual direction sliding rails to ensure furnace moves smoothly. It can fast cooling via sliding the furnace; Equipped with different vacuum system can get the ideal vacuum degree; Three routes mass flow meter (3 MFC) can accurate control the gas flow rate. The system mainly used for the research and growth of graphene, also suitable for similar CVD experiment which need fast cooling.


HTT-T **/270/12 CVD

Operating voltage

110V 50/60 Hz or 220V 50/60 Hz


≤ 5 kW

Warm-up speed

10 ℃ / min

Features of the oven

Fe-Cr-Al resistance wire heating furnace, the installation of a vacuum device, and can also operate in an atmosphere of inert gas

A heating element

Fe-Cr-Al resistance

Maximum Operating Temperature

≤ 1150 ℃ (<1 hours)

Working temperature

1100 ℃ (continuous)

Temperature control

30 steps programmable and PID automatic control

Temperature accuracy

± 1 ℃

Thermometric element

N thermocouples

Mixing gas system

Flow range: 0~1SLM 

Flow accuracy: ±0.5%


Vacuum system

Two stage rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum degree can reach 5x10-1 Torr (If need more higher vacuum degree can choose our molecular pump system and pressure control system)


Door Construction

top door opening in the oven


The standard furnace kit includes


1 PC

Size of working space Ø in mm

40 x 270

60 x 270

80 x 270

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