• HTT-T Series Mini Tube Furnace

HTT-T Series Mini Tube Furnace

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HTT-T **/270/12 mini tube furnace, temperature control system adopts the intelligent applications, phase-shifting trigger, thyristor control, temperature control precision is high; Adopt imported polycrystalline fiber vacuum absorption furnace chamber; Double layer between the furnace shell is equipped with air cooling system, effectively guarantee the shell surface temperature; Open the furnace cover design, you can observe the material under the condition of high temperature reaction condition and achieve rapid cooling; Vacuum flange seal, equipped with a vacuum device, can be vacuum atmosphere; Furnace in vertical position, suitable for sintering in a vacuum or atmosphere protection environment test.

Function and feature:

1. Chamber of furnace adopt imported high pure polycrystalline alumina fiber, heat preservation effect is good, durable and energy saving.

2.Heating element is made of high quality wire 0 cr27al7mo2, has high surface load, high resistivity, good oxidation resistance, durability and other characteristics, the highest temperature can reach 1200 ℃.

3.Under the high temperature furnace tube adopts high purity quartz tube, strong chemical stability, corrosion resistance, and thermal expansion coefficient, can withstand the cold snap in the temperature of the heat change.

4.Furnace cover can be opened, can real-time observation heating material, and can rapidly cool to meet the material suddenly cold and hot experiments.

5. Adopted KF quick flange sealing, only need a clamp flange the connection can be done. It is very convenient to put and take the specimen. Avoiding bolt leakage by artificial operation and reduced the ratio of heating tube damaging which caused by installation flanges.

6.Circulating water cooling flange, can be used with our cold water machine, effectively reduce the temperature of the furnace mouth, and good protection of the sealing ring, to ensure the air tightness of high temperature furnace tube.

7.Reserved vacuum, gas path fast interface, can cooperate with our vacuum system, mixed gas system.

8. Reserved 485 convert interface, can be connected with PC through software. It has remote control, real time tracking, history recorder, and output report function. And can be installed the paperless recorder for data storage and output.

9.Built-in thermocouple, real-time monitoring temperature heating materials.

10. Cover open automatically power off, over-temperature alarm, leakage protection, safe and reliable operation.

Main Application:

Colleges and universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do the high temperature sintering atmosphere, reducing atmosphere, CVD experimental, vacuum annealing, etc.


HTT-T **/270/12 mini

Furnace Chamber

Imported high pure polycrystalline alumina fiber ,good heat preservation performance.

Furnace tube size


Heating elements


Thermometric component

N-mode thermocouple

Temperature control mode

The temperature control system uses artificial intelligence technology, with PID control, self - tuning function, 30 the heating and cooling program

Seal mode

Stainless steel the KF quick flange extrusion seal

Standard vacuum degree

≤50Pa (Conventional mechanical pump + Pointer pressure gauge)

≤10Pa (High mechanical pump+ digital pressure gauge)

≤0.005Pa (Molecular pump system)

Working temperature


Max temperature


Constant temperature accuracy


Heating zone length


Constant temperature


Max. Temperature rising rate


Recommend temperature rising rate



AC110V 50HZ/60HZ or AC220V 50HZ/60HZ  2KW

Standard accessories

SLGL-1200M furnace body 1 set, Sealed flanges 1 pc, O-rings 4 pcs, quartz tube 1 pcs, pipe plug 4 pcs, crucible tongs each 1 pcs

Optional purchase accessories

Furnace hobs; Mixed gas system; Low, medium and high vacuum system; All kinds of alumina crucibles; Alumina tube or quartz tube; Computer control software; Paperless recorder, etc.

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