• MProbe® Thin Film Measurement Systems
  • MProbe® Thin Film Measurement Systems

MProbe® Thin Film Measurement Systems

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Majority of translucent or lightly absorbing films can be measured quickly and reliably:Oxides,Nitrides, Photoresists, Polymers, Semiconductors (Si, aSi, polySi), Compound Semiconductors (AlGaAs, InGaAs, CdTe,CIGS),Hard coatings (SiC, DLC), Polymer coat-

ings (Paralene, PMMA, Polyamides), thin metal films and many more.

 Thickness Range: 1 nm - 1.8 mm

 Wavelength Range: 200nm -1700nm

 Spot size: 0.5 mm


Thin Solar Cells applications: aSi, TCO, CIGS, CdS, CdTe

- full solar stack measurement. LCD, FPD application: ITO, Cell Gaps, Polyamides. Optical Coatings: dielectric filters, hardness coating, anti-reflection coating Semiconductor and dielectics: Oxides, Nitrides, OLED stack

Real time measurement and analysis. Multi-layer, thin,thick, freestanding and nonuniform layers.


Extensive materials library (500+ materials) - new mate- rials easily added. Support of parameterized materials:

Cauchy, Tauc-Lorentz, Cody-Lorentz, EMA and many more....

Flexible: Desktop or in-situ, R&D on inline. Easy integra- tion with external system using TCP or Modbus interface


Measurement: thickness, optical constants, surface rough- ness

User friedly and powerful: One-click measurement and analysis. Powerful tools: simulation & sensitivity, back- ground and scaling correction,linked layers and materials, multisample measurements, dynamic measurement and production batch processing.

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Thin film measurement system is to easy operate ,it can be finished by lab staff ,don't need too much knowledge.