• Muffle furnace  HTT-B Series Furnace

Muffle furnace HTT-B Series Furnace

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Muffle furnaces or laboratory muffle furnaces are heating equipment designed to heat various materials to the required temperature. The main feature of muffle furnaces is the presence of the muffle, in which the main working processes occur.

The presented muffle furnaces in their appearance are similar but their main distinctive features are the heating of the working chamber to a certain temperature from 1100 ℃ to 1700 ℃. Basically, muffle furnaces are divided into a way of opening the door: muffle furnaces with side opening, upper, lower. In general, the price for muffle furnaces depends on the temperature of heating and the furnishing of the furnace. You can find out the prices and complete sets for muffle furnaces from our managers.

Application of muffle furnace

The muffle furnace is used for heat treatment of metals (quenching, annealing, tempering, normalization). The muffle furnace is also widely used for melting metals, burning ceramic products, burning (ashing), cremating, assaying (cupping), drying, growing monocrystals.

Construction of muffle furnace

According to the design features, the muffle furnace is a double metal case with a cooling fan, to provide cooling, the furnace surface is below 50 ºС . With thermal insulation, inside which there is a heating working chamber, and a control unit that regulates the temperature regime. The heating element of the muffle furnace can be located outside and inside the chamber. The temperature regime of the muffle furnace ranges from 100 ℃ to 1700 ℃.

How to choose a muffle furnace?

The table below shows the standard technical characteristics of a muffle furnace. We can make a muffle furnace according to your specific requirements. For example, to increase or decrease the size of the furnace's working chamber, this will seriously depend on the cost of the muffle furnace.


HTT-B **/17

Operating voltage

220V 50/60 Hz or 380V 50/60 Hz


6 kW to 14 kW

Warm-up speed

10 ℃ / min

Features of the oven

MoSi2 Heating elements for heating, (balanced low energy consumption)

Maximum Operating Temperature

≤ 1700 ℃ (<2 hours)

Working temperature

1600 ℃

Temperature regulator

PID automatic control and auto-tuning function. 
50 program for precise control of temperature control. 
Built-in protection against overheating. 
An enlarged digital control panel for easy operation.

Temperature accuracy

± 1 ℃

A heating element

U-type MoSiheating elements

Thermometric element

B thermocouple

Door Construction

lateral door opening


The standard furnace kit includes


1 PC


Standard dimensions

Camera Size

300 × 250 × 200 mm

400 × 300 × 300 mm


Buy a muffle furnace

The muffle furnace can be purchased in a variety of configurations. At your discretion, we can limit the functionality of the furnace, this can significantly reduce the price of the muffle furnace. The price of the muffle furnace is formed taking into account the type of furnace, its temperature regime, the size of the working chamber.

If you decide that you need a muffle furnace according to individual specifications, you can contact our staff for advice. 

Note: Call us and we will help you choose the muffle furnace for your technological requirements.

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